Friday, 20 March 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge lands in UK on December 12

You can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge at Carphone Warehouse, where it'll be exclusively sold in white as well as the standard blue version. 
If you're looking to get it on contract it's available from £58.50 a month with no extra cost, but you'll need to commit for 24 months. 
Alternatively if you want to pick up the handset SIM-free then prepare to fork out £749.95. That's quite a lot for the quirky phablet, although it is one of a kind. 
The Galaxy Note Edge boasts a bendable display that can show messages and alerts along the side of the device where the display folds over.
At first it seemed like Sammy was reluctant about its wrap-around touchscreen, when we heard the phablet was going to launch as a limited edition device in select markets, but now Brits can safely add it to their Christmas lists. 
The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge packs a Super AMOLED screen with Squad HD resolution. The handset has a a 16MP camera, a 3.7MP front snapper and a 2.7GHz Snapdragon 805 processor.
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