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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Consumer Reports weighs in on iPhone 6 bending

As much as Apple would like for this discussion to be over, controversy and conversation over whether the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus has a durability problem is continuing. Just as it tested out antenna reception for the iPhone 4, Consumer Reports has forced Apple's newest mobile devices into its torture testing chambers, measuring them along with several other devices to see how much pressure they can really take. You can see the tests for yourself in a video embedded after the break, but according to CR, the larger iPhone 6 Plus is actually stronger than its counterpart, only deforming under 90 pounds of pressure, more than the 70 it took to bend the standard iPhone 6 and HTC One (M8). Meanwhile, Unbox Therapy gave a brand new iPhone 6 Plus another go in its less-scientific test, and bent it once again, while a Moto X withstood the challenge.

Apple iPhone 6 vs Apple iPhone 5s: What's changed?

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s: Display

First we had 3.5-inches, then the iPhone 5 gave us 4-inches, but now, finally, we have an iPhone with a 4.7-inch display. As with all iPhones since the 4, Apple has attached the Retina Display moniker to the iPhone 6 meaning pixels will, hopefully, be a complete pain to spot.
Speaking of the resolution, it is now 1334x750 (the iPhone 6 Plus is 1920x1080) which is a nice increase from the 1136x540 of the iPhone 5 and 5s. Apple says the 6 has 38% more pixels than the 5s, along with a broader angle of view.
Can it match up the 1080p displays of Android superphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or even the 2K versions on the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4? You'll have to wait for our full review to find that out. 

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s: Size and Build

Increasing the screen size from 4-inches to 4.7-inches clearly means the device itself is going to be quite a bit larger, but how bigger actually is it?
Well, the iPhone 5s came in at 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm, with a weight of 112g, the iPhone 6 on the other hand tips the scales at just 6.9mm thick - making it one truly thin phone.
Instead of the straight lines that made up the iPhone 5s, Apple has gone much more curvy with the 6, rounding off the sides and giving the phone a look that resembles the iPad Air and iPad Mini.
All the side mounted buttons have been given a refresh, while the on/off switch has thankfully been moved from the top to the side. The Lightning connector and headphone jack still cover the bottom.
Aluminium, as you’d probably expect is still the material of choice, though the display is now covered in strengthened glass (not sapphire though), so expect scratches to be much fewer and far between.

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s: Features and Performance

While almost every high-end Windows 8 and Android smartphone has packed NFC for countless years now, Apple has finally decided to stick a Near Field Communications chip inside its flagship smartphone. Having NFC means the iPhone can now make use the new Apple Pay feature, which lets you add cards into the Passbook by just taking a picture of it.
iOS8 obviously will come preinstalled, with its array of features like improved notifications, extensions, the Health app and more.
Apple, as usual, hasn’t delved deep into the specs for the new iPhone 6, though we know it runs on a dual-core A8 processor, with a 64-bit architecture, and with a suspected 1GB of RAM. Apple says the CPU is 25% faster this year, with 50% faster graphics and the device should be able to run at full power throughout the charge cycle.
Apple showed off a few game demos during the presentation and we have to say the graphical detail, which is provided by the new Metal engine Apple announced at WWDC, looked pretty fantastic.
Last year’s iPhone 5s was the first Apple phone to pack a 64-bit processor, an A7, so the jump to A8 should give improved performance along with better battery management. You'll also have access to the brand new M8 coprocessor, which tracks motion and works in tandem with HealthKit in iOS8, great for keeping an eye on your daily step count.
One of the new features of the M8 is that it can tell the diffference between cycling and running, plus there's also a barometer.
The WiFi has thankfully been upgraded to 802.11ac, a feature that previously wasn't supported.
16GB, 64GB options for internal storage are available, though for the first time a 128GB choice is available for the phone. Notice no 32GB option?

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s: Battery

Keeping that 4.7-inch display toting iPhone juiced up is a battery that Apple claims will easily see you through the day, offering 10 hours of LTE browsing, the same as the 5s.

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s: Camera

One of our favourite aspects of the iPhone 5s was its 8-megapixel, sapphire covered snapper that boasted an f/2.2 aperture, backside illuminated sensor and a nifty true tone flash.
It was fast, took some of the best pictures we’ve ever taken with a smartphone and had a flash that we didn’t instantly turn off and never even think about putting it back on again.
So, what improvements can we look forward with the iPhone 6? Well for one the 8-meg sensor is still here, as is the same aperture, though there is a new feature called 'focus pixels' and an improved image engine which offers advanced noise reduction and faster autofocus. Image stabilisation is also offered, though on the iPhone 6 it's only digital, but on the 6 Plus it's optical.
1080p video is supported for both 30fps and 60fps and there's an improved hyper slow-mo mode.
Up top there's a new FaceTime HD camera, with better face detection and an all new sensor that lets in 81% more light, plus the ever popular 'burst selfie' mode.

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s: The Verdict

While we were pretty sure we were going to see a new iPhone today, it's still good to finally be able to say it's official. it seems that Apple has finally moved the iPhone forwards for possibly the first time since the iPhone 4 gave us that first Retina Display, thanks to that bigger screen and features like NFC

Friday, 19 September 2014

iFixit cracks open an iPhone 6 Plus to get at the massive battery inside

Need something to make today's wait for your new iPhone easier? Watching the crew at iFixit go at a brand new iPhone 6 Plus with their screwdrivers, spudgers and iSclacks probably won't help, but at least it will pass the time. They're in the middle of pulling Apple's XL-sized phone apart, and while there's not a lot new to report (it's a phone, and it has 1GB of RAM) the pics are always entertaining. The 6 Plus' 5.5-inch display also leaves room for a larger battery, and now we know that it's a 2915 mAh unit. That's about twice the size of the one in the iPhone 5s, slightly bigger than the battery in the Galaxy S 5, but smaller than the swappable 3,220mAh unit slotted inside the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 4.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Apple's new iOS 8 is now available

The iPhone 6 might still be locked up, but its new OS has well and truly debuted...
Apple's shiny new mobile operating system - iOS 8 - has gone live and is ready to download and install on iDevices everywhere.
The new UI is built for Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and, in typical Apple fashion, has landed just before the actual device launch.
There's a whole raft of new features shipping with the latest OS, with the file size weighing in at around 1.1GB.
As an aside, iPhone users will need at least 5.7GB of storage free on their devices to update over WiFi. Not cool.
First up in the addition smorgasbord is the photo improvements. The new OS brings time-lapse video recording, front-camera burst mode, smart album directories, more editing tools, and search functionality for your library.
iOS 8 also brings a quick-type keyboard, which should personalise itself to your writing style by offering smart predictive text.
There's also Health, which offers up plenty of fitness data, the ability to add a 'Medical ID' for allergies and medical conditions, and ways to share all of your health data.
The new Family Sharing will allow you to push love to your household, giving iOS 8 users the option to share iTunes (that's apps, too) and iBooks purchases with up to six of your kin.
There's plenty of other goodies too, including improvements to Siri, Safari, Maps, Mail, and the App Store, as well as the usual bug fixes you'd expect.
It's worth mentioning that the new OS is assuredly demanding on your system, and so you might find your phone running slower than usual if you're using an old model like the iPhone 4S.

Monday, 15 September 2014

iPhone 6 UK price and release date: Where can you buy the new iPhone?

Apple's just announced two brand new flagship smartphones, both sporting the iPhone 6 moniker.
The spiffing new cellular, revealed at a recent Apple launch event, is set to ship in two sizeable variants, the 4.7-in iPhone 6, and the 5.5-in iPhone 6 Plus.
Both handsets will be available from the 19th September, and are currently available for pre-order, so you better get e-queueing...
While you're deciding which beefy blower you'd like to throw down cash for, here's a list of where you can pick up a brand new iPhone 6 from, and how big of a bite it'll take out of your wallet...


Here's the handset pricing for the UK...
iPhone 6:
16GB - £539
64GB - £619
128GB - £699
iPhone 6 Plus:
16GB - £619
64GB - £699
128GB - £789


"EE today announced it will offer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the biggest advancements in iPhone history," says the firm.
"Pre-order will commence at 08:01am on 12th September ahead of launch at 08:00am on the 19th September. Customers may pre-register interest today at EE."
They're also the only carrier currently offering Apple's Wi-Fi calling in the UK. The service allows customers who aren't receiving coverage to make standard phone calls over a Wi-Fi network.
EE is set to offer the new phones on the following tariffs:
iPhone 6 (16GB) - £29.99 (handset), £50.99 (monthly)
iPhone 6 (64GB) - £29.99 (handset), £63.99 (monthly)
iPhone 6 (128GB) - £49.99 (handset), £63.99 (monthly)
iPhone 6 Plus (16GB) - £29.99 (handset), £63.99 (monthly)
iPhone 6 Plus (64GB) - £49.99 (handset), £63.99 (monthly)
iPhone 6 Plus (128GB) - £149.99 (handset), £63.99 (monthly)

Phones 4u

Phones 4u now has the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus available for pre-order on its website.
"Excitement for Apple's latest smartphones is in full throttle - the number of people who have registered for more information about the new iphones has more than doubled since 2013 and as a result, we're prepared to meet demand with better stock than ever before," says Scott Hooton, Phones 4u's CMO.
The company says customers can pre-order the new smartphones for home delivery or store collection, depending on preference.


Vodafone says if you snap up an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on its Red XL or XXL 4G contracts, you'll be gifted Netflix, Spotify, and Sky Sports Mobile - all on the house!
The carrier is flogging the new smartphone duo on the following tariffs. Note that the upfront handset prices vary with Vodafone.
iPhone 6 (16GB) - £26.50 (monthly)
iPhone 6 (64GB) - £31.50 (monthly)
iPhone 6 (128GB) - £31.50 (monthly)
iPhone 6 Plus (16GB) - £31.50 (monthly)
iPhone 6 Plus (64GB) - £31.50 (monthly)
iPhone 6 Plus (128GB) - £31.50 (monthly)


"O2 today announced it will offer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the biggest advancements in iPhone history, beginning 19 September. Customers may pre-register interest today."
O2 customers will also be able to earn up to £280 via a handset trade-in through O2's Refresh scheme.
The firm's got plenty of tarriffs on offer for the new handsets, including...
20GB tarrif with unlimited minutes and texts:
iPhone 6 - £49.99 (handset), £48 (monthly)
iPhone 6 Plus - £49.99 (handset), £53 (monthly)
2GB tariff with unlimited minutes and texts:
iPhone 6 - £129.99 (handset), £38 (monthly)
iPhone 6 Plus - £119.99 (handset), £43 (monthly)

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus gets its official reveal at Apple’s 2014 launch event

Apple introduced last year’s iPhone 5S with a colourful, affordable sidekick in the form of the iPhone 5C and the dual-release mentality has carried over to 2014.

However, this year, Apple has targeted the trend for larger devices that was brought about by the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra and the HTC One Max.

The result is the iPhone 6 Plus, a 5.5-inch “phablet” that sits somewhere between the also-announced 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 7.9-inch iPad mini with Retina Display.

Like the new iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus features more a curved, rounded and slim chassis that borrows more of its aesthetic from the iPad mini than previous iPhone generations.
It’s only 7.1mm thick with a back made from anodized aluminium with a stainless steel Apple logo on the back.

It appears most of the internet chatter regarding the specifications of the iPhone 6 Plus was on the money. The new smartphone features the rumoured 1920 x 1080 screen resolution, which means Full HD video viewing. Like it’s smaller brother, the iPhone 6 Plus uses "ion-strengthened glass" to better fare with scratches and knocks.

Inside is Apple’s newly announced 64-bit A8 processor and the company was keen to play up the gaming prowess of the new iPhone, although it's unclear what effect that larger screen will have on battery life.

Storage has been given a tidy boost to 128GB bringing it alongside the iPad mini. If you don’t need that much then fear not as 16GB and 64GB variants are also available.

Apple has gone down the tried-and-tested route with the iPhone 6L’s camera. It uses the same 8MP f/2.0 aperture lens as the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6.
However, with the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has added optical image stabilisation rather than the digital image stabilisation featured in the iPhone 6.

As with the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus will be arriving with the latest version of iOS out of the box.
In terms of cost, the iPhone Plus will start at $299 for the 16GB model, then go up to $399 for the 64GB version and finally $499 for the 128GB model. Like the iPhone 6, it'll be available to pre-order on September 12 and arriving in the shops on September 19.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Apple iPhone 6 gets official as Tim Cook reveals new handset in Cupertino

No single piece of consumer technology generates as much chatter as Apple’s iPhone and this evening CEO Tim Cook gave us our first official look at the latest version.

Even though every shred of information on the handset has been discussed online, the undeniable impact of new Apple kit is in full effect.

As expected, the new iPhone 6 comes with the heavily tipped 4.7-inch display that will see it go up against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, the HTC One M8 and the LG G3 for the smartphone crown.

Apple hasn’t stuck with just the one iPhone this year either as, like last year’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5cdouble launch, the company also announced the iPhone 6L this evening.
“The iPhone is the most loved smartphone in the world with the highest customer satisfaction in the industry and we are making it much better in every way," said Tim Cook.
"Only Apple can combine the best hardware, software and services at this unprecedented level and we think customers are going to love it.”
Given this is the company behind the Retina Display, there’s obviously a lot of love that’s gone into the iPhone 6’s display. Cupertino has upped the resolution to 1334 x 750 - an improvement over the 1134 x 750 of the iPhone 5S. Rather than Gorilla Glass, Apple has used an "Ion-strenghtened glass" to keep scratches and cracks at bay.

Outwardly, the look of the new iPhone is a departure from last year’s 5S. The rounded corners bear a similarity to the iPad Air and iPad Mini, while the power button has been moved from the top of the unit to the side.
Phil Schiller doing his thing...

As expected, a new 64-bit A8 processor is tucked into the iPhone 6 which, Apple says is 13 per cent smaller than last year's A7 but is 25 per cent faster.
Alongside this is the new M8 co-processor with a particular emphasis (as with the iPhone 5S before it) being placed on fitness and the ability to measure elevation.
There’s been a bit of a change on the storage front though. Along with the standard 16 and 64GB variants, Apple has finally introduced a 128GB model for those with a serious appetite for apps and media. It's a no-show for the 32GB model.

When it comes to the camera, it's business as usual for Apple as the company has stuck with the 8MP rear-facing iSight camera with am f2/2 aperture and True Tone flash. However, the company has added a new sensor that, it says, offers up faster autofocus and improved noise reduction.
As revealed in the leaks, the camera lens protrudes slightly from the back of the chassis and (also rumoured pre-launch) Apple has built in electronic image stabilisation. Video can be shot at Full HD as well.
Apple’s big features from past handsets: TouchID, Siri and Passbook are all accounted for this time around and the company has finally taken the plunge and added Near-Field Communication (NFC).
The iPhone 6 will unsurprisingly come running iOS 8, the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system that we got a good look at during WWDC.
While the flat design of iOS 7 is still in place, there are several new features like time-lapse camera shooting and the ability to sync SMS and phone calls with a MacBook or iMac.

One of the best aspects of an Apple launch is how quickly the company is able to get the device out and into all those waiting hands. This year proved no exception.
The iPhone 6 will go up for pre-order on September 12 and be available on September 19.

Available in three different colours, the traditional silver, black and gold, the SIM-free price of the iPhone 6 will be $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for the 64GB and $399 for the 128GB.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhone 6, sapphire glass iWatch, NFC payments confirmed by new report

iPhone 6, 4.7-inch mockup, next to the iPhone 5SWe’re just a few days away from Apple’s special iPhone 6 event on September 9, and right on schedule the New York Times has published a detailed exposé — most likely leaked directly by the highest echelons of Apple — of everything that we can expect. We now have almost-certain confirmation that the iPhone 6 will come in two flavors — a 4.7-inch model, and a 5.5-inch phablety monster. Furthermore, Apple will also reveal its first new product since Tim Cook took the helm from Steve Jobs three years ago: the iWatch. Curiously, it sounds like the iWatch will also come in two different sizes. Near-field communication (NFC) will be available in both the iPhone 6 and iWatch, and Apple will announce partnerships with Amex, Visa, and MasterCard, allowing the Cupertino company to finally wade into the mobile payments/digital wallet arena. The iWatch will have a sapphire glass front, but the iPhone 6 might not.
At roughly the same time every year, Apple performs an unofficial official leak to one of the big US newspapers. Historically it has usually been the Wall Street Journal, but this year it’sthe New York Times. This unofficial “pre-release” from Apple usually serves as a tidy way to brush away some of the rumor mill’s more spurious predictions — and I’m sure the stock market likes it, too. In any case, while we can’t take the NYT’s story as hard fact, this is as good as it gets before Tim Cook and friends take to the stage of the Flint Center to officially unveil the new large-screen iPhone 6 and iWatch. The iPhone 6 is expected to be released a week or two after the September 9 event; the iWatch will probably open up for pre-orders, but won’t ship until 2015.
iPhone 6 dummies, in a range of colors
iPhone 6 dummies, in a range of colors
So, let’s get down to the details. The iPhone 6 will come in two sizes, one with a 4.7-inch screen, the other with a 5.5-inch screen. Unlike the iPhone 4 and 5, which were sharp-edged rectangles, the 6 will have “softer, tapered edges” — a bit like the iPad Air and Mini, in other words. There’s no word on screen resolution, but I would guess that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will have a 1920×1080 display, while the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 might step up to 2560×1440 (just like the LG G3 smartphone). Curiously the NYT piece doesn’t mention whether the iPhone 6 will have a sapphire glass front. Given various rumors and cost concerns, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple couldn’t quite hit scale and cost targets in time for the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 will have a “one-handed typing mode” to allay any concerns about your little thumb not being able to reach the far side of the screen.
For more iPhone 6 rumors, hit up our iPhone 6 rumor roundup post. The video below (sadly in Russian) is the best/final word on what the iPhone 6 will look like.

There’s also no word on the internal hardware specs of the iPhone 6, except that Apple is finally adopting near-field communication (NFC). Combined with the necessary partnerships (Visa, American Express, MasterCard), Apple will use the NFC chip inside the iPhone 6 to offer some kind of mobile/contactless/digital wallet solution.
The iWatch, too, will also feature NFC. At the very least this will probably be used for easy pairing (tap-to-pair) between your iWatch and iPhone 6, but it would be pretty neat if you could pay for your bus or train ride by tapping your watch against the contactless payment reader. The NYT’s sources say that the iWatch will have a “unique, flexible screen” and come in two sizes (presumably for people with small and large wrists). There’s no word on whether the iWatch will be round, square, or rectangular, nor its internal hardware/software specs. It will have a sapphire glass front, however. The iWatch (or whatever it’s called) has lots of sensors and will “track movements and vital signs … much more accurately than existing fitness devices.” According to the NYT the iWatch will feature wireless charging — but I suspect it’ll also have a wired Lightning connector, unless Apple really wants to ship a wireless charging plate to every iWatch owner.
Apple iWatch/iBand concept

All in all, between the large-screen iPhone 6, iWatch, and NFC, it looks like Apple is delivering exactly what it needs to stay relevant in a mobile market that’s moving very quickly. While NFC is old tech by now, it clearly hasn’t yet managed to revolutionize the mobile/contactless payment world — at least not in the US, anyway (Google Wallet was released way back in 2011!) If Apple is finally getting into the NFC game, and has the partnerships to make it work on a broad scale, then it isn’t too hyperbolic to say that the iPhone 6 + iWatch + iOS 8 could kill the credit card. The larger-screen iPhone 6 and iWatch are less interesting in my eyes: They’re just a reactionary response to what’s happening over on Android’s side of the fence. I don’t think the world is quite ready for the smartwatch revolution, but I’d be happy if Apple proves me wrong.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Apple to shake hands with top payment firms for iPhone 6 wallet?

New reports suggest Apple has teamed up with credit card firm American Express for its new mobile payments system.
The rumoured NFC-powered wallet platform is expected to land with the iPhone 6, and should be announced on the 9th September.
The information comes from Recode, with the site revealing that American Express is just one of several partners Apple execs are expected to be wooing.
Earlier this summer, a report by The Information speculated that Apple was in talks with Visa over the mobile payment platform, which we'd say is fairly assured.
The new system will allow iPhone 6 users to pay for goods in shops with their handset. While NFC payments aren't quite a global phenomenon just yet, progressive locations like London have seen wide-scale adoption of the tech.
Just last week, Wired reported that sources 'familiar with the matter' were sure Apple would be launching an e-wallet.
The article read 'in fact, that platform will be one of the hallmark features of the device when its unveiled on September 9. We're told the solution will involve NFC.'
Apple's already snagged a number of e-wallet patents, circuit-board space for the NFC chip, and has picked up a bunch of new hires relating to mobile walletry.
Tech rumourers have long been heralding Apple's mobile payment system, with a speculated 'secure element' for the payment system, similar to the one that houses the sensitive TouchID data found in the iPhone 5S.

Friday, 29 August 2014

New iPhone 6 release date, price, specs and features: 9 September launch confirmed

iPhone 6 rumours at a glance

  • iPhone 6 Release date: September 2014
  • iPhone 6 Screen sizes: 4.7- to 5.5-inches (or both)
  • iPhone 6 Price: Same as existing: 16GB £549, 32GB £629, 64GB £709
  • iPhone 6 possible new features:
    • Up to 128GB internal storage or expandable storage
    • Better camera
    • New iOS 8 operating system
    • Heart rate EarPods
    • NFC chip
    • A8 processor
    • Wireless charging
    • Will work with Apple's rumoured iWatch
    • Sapphire glass and LiquidMetal design

iPhone 6 rumours: Screen size

One of the most talked about elements of the iPhone 6 is its screen. Pretty much every rumour report, expert and source out there suggests that the iPhone 6 will be bigger than the iPhone 5s, and there are a surprisingly large number of reports that say we'll get two new iPhones this year, with one of those iPhones falling into the 'Phablet' category.
Among those set on the idea that Apple is working on a bigger iPhone is KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a very impressive track record when it comes to predicting Apple launches. He expects two new iPhones to arrive this autumn, one with a 4.7in display and the other with a 5.5in display.
That same rumour has been reiterated by numerous others who agree that we should expect a 4.7in and 5.5in iPhone, including UBS analyst Steve Milunovich, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster and several other analysts, as well as Reuters and The Wall Street Journal, so we're beginning to believe it might be true.
The latest rumours from the supply chain say that Foxconn, Apple's main manufacturing partner, will be building the majority of Apple's 4.7in and 5.5in iPhones, while Wistron will be responsible for building Apple's 4in iPhone, which could simply be a continuation of the iPhone 5s.
Plus, images reportedly confirming a bigger iPhone (above) emerged in May, showing what is claimed to be the official schematics for the iPhone 6 that have been leaked from Apple supplier Foxconn. The dimensions of the iPhone 6 shown are 138 by 67 mm, compared with the 123.8 by 58.6mm of the iPhone 5s.
The allegedly leaked schematics match up closely with many 3D dummy models of the iPhone 6 that have appeared in recent months, so they could well be the real thing.
Interestingly, there's very little talk of an 'iPhone 6c' so it's possible that Apple will leave out the 'c' line of its iPhones this year, or perhaps drop the colourful, cheaper model from the iPhone line-up completely.

iPhone 6 rumours: Design

iPhone 6 release date, price and specs

In addition to the bigger screen, we expect that the iPhone 6 will have a bit of a new design. The latest rumours and leaked images suggest that the iPhone 6 will have little or no bezels, and many suggest that the iPhone 6 will have a thinner, lighter chassis.
Our industry contact which we mentioned at the top of the article confirmed that the iPhone 6 will have an 'edge-to-edge' display and a design which looks like the iPad mini. It sounds pretty similar to the above render and means the end of the flat sides which have been around since the iPhone 4.
The thinner, lighter chassis could be made possible with the use of Liquidmetal, a material that Apple has exclusive rights to. It's extremely strong and durable, and therefore can be used in smaller quantities to get the same level of build quality as aluminium. Apple has recently extended its exclusive license to use Liquidmetal in its products, adding further evidence to this rumour.
It's also thought that Apple is planning to use Sapphire glass in the iPhone 6, which is a "virtually scratch free" and "nearly indestructible."
This rumour is backed up by Apple CEO Tim Cook's confirmation that the company has built a new factory in Arizona that is being used to manufacture the sapphire glass. Currently, the material is only used in the iPhone 5s's Touch ID Home button and the cover of the iPhone's rear-facing camera, so we're pretty certain that Apple has bigger plans for the glass if it needs an entire factory to make it.
According to, Apple has spent $578 million on a deal with GT Advanced technology, the sapphire glass maker, to speed up the development of sapphire glass displays destined for the iPhone 6.
A patent issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office in May covers the use of a Sapphire glass display and Liquidmetal bezel in a future iPhone, so a combination of those to materials it's certainly something that Apple is considering.
Apple design guru Jony Ive has also confirmed that the company is working with new materials for future devices, so LiquidMetal and sapphire seem likely.
As if we needed any more evidence of a sapphire crystal screen, YouTuber Marques Brownlee, has seemingly got his hands on a 4.7in iPhone 6 front facia 'straight from the production line'. Check it out in the video below.
Other design rumours include rounded edges more reminiscent of the latest iPod touch, as well as a relocated power button on the side of the device.
An unlikely feature for the iPhone 6 but interesting nonetheless and certainly a possibility for future iPhones is a wraparound display.
This rumour comes from an actual Apple patent, so hasn't been pulled out of thin air. Apple was granted a patent in May for "Electronic devices with sidewall displays," which basically suggestst that future iPhones could have a display that extends onto the sides of the device, providing interactive or touch sensitive portions that give access to slide to unlock funtionality, music player controls, messaging readout, caller ID, system controls and more.
iPhone 6 sidewall display
Concept by Michael Shanks.
Most recently, an photograph hit the web of an alleged iPhone 6 chassis, and that photo seems to reveal that the iPhone 6 will have an illuminated Apple logo on the back like the one found on the back of Apple's MacBooks.
Illuminated Apple logo
A second photo of what appears to be the back panel of the iPhone 6 emerged on 8 June on, and again shows a cut out where the Apple logo should be, suggesting that the new iPhone could have an illuminated Apple logo.
iPhone 6 back

The below photos from Uswitch adds further weight to the rumour that the iPhone 6 will have a light up logo. It is thought that the logo may indicate notifications such as a new email or text message.
iPhone 6 light up logo
Samsung seems to have picked up on the rumours of a bigger iPhone, launching a new Apple-bashing advert that points out that Samsung's Galaxy S5 already sports a bigger screen. Watch the advert below (you'll spot our sister website Macworld UK on the iPhone if you look closely.)
You can see more leaked iPhone 6 images below.

iPhone 6 rumours: Price

We won't know the price of the iPhone 6 until Apple announces it, but it's thought that the firm will keep the same pricing system as the iPhone 5s for the next generation of iPhone. That means the iPhone 6 price will start at £549.

iPhone 6 rumours: iOS 8

One thing which isn't so hard to work out is that the iPhone 6 will almost certainly come pre-installed with iOS 8, Apple's latest mobile operating system which was unveiled at WWDC in June. You can find out more about what to expect from iOS 8 here.

iPhone 6 rumours: Automatic unlocking

Despite not being a confirmed feature of iOS 8, the iPhone 6 is rumoured to come with an automatic unlocking feature similar to the one just announced for Google's Android L. No more need for Touch ID or a passcode – unless you're in a less secure environment.
Apple's patent for the feature, called 'location –sensitive security', says: "The security level and/or other device behaviour, configurations, or settings on a mobile device can be modified based on the location of the mobile device."
"In one example, a passcode is not required when the mobile device detects a current location corresponding to the user's home. In another example, a simple passcode is used when the mobile device detects a location corresponding to the user's office desk, but a longer or more complex alphanumeric passcode is used at other locations within the office, such as the cafeteria or conference rooms." it adds.

iPhone 6 rumours: Camera

It's highly likely that the iPhone 6 will have a better camera than the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5s has an 8-megapixel camera with an f/2.2 aperture, but rumour has it Apple is planning on boosting that to a 10-megapizel camera with an f/.8 aperture and an improve filter, according to Chinese website IT168.
Rather than adding loads of new pixels to the camera like some of its rivals, Apple is apparently going to focus its camera improvements in other areas such as image stabilisation and image enhancements.

iPhone 6 rumours: NFC?

Until recently the idea of having an iPhone with NFC technology was desirable, but ultimately wishful thinking. Well, it looks as if the tide may have changed with sources now suggesting that the iPhone 6 could feature some sort of NFC chip.
Our friends over at Macworld UK, reported on Apple filing for a new patent covering NFC, that could be used for mobile payments and also for iPhones to talk to each other. Read more about filing for a new NFC patent here.
Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also thinks NFC is on the way with the iPhone 6, and in May, a new notefrom Morgan Stanley analysts suggests that NFC will work with the Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 6, and that Apple will be the force that drives NFC's widespread commercial adoption for mobile payments.
"NXP is well positioned to participate in Apple's mobile payments ecosystem," said Hettenbach, explaining that NXP is expected to provide the NFC technology for Apple. "The company signed a licensing agreement with a customer in Q4'13, who we believe is Apple, related to its emerging ID business."
Reports that emerged at the end of July 2014 suggested that Apple is working with partners including Visa to launch a mobile payments system with the iPhone 6. Photos claiming to picture the iPhone 6's logic board surfaced alongside these reports, suggesting that the iPhone 6 will have support for 802.11ac WiFi and NFC to make the mobile payments system possible.

iPhone 6 to have 128GB storage?

Until now Apple has set the top limit of its smartphone storage at 64GB, which is pretty good internal storage for a smartphone. However, if you are using your iPhone as your main camera and primary source for music consumption, then this will soon fill up – if Apple choses not to equip the iPhone with expandable storage then 128GB would be a welcomed addition to its lineup.
iPhone 6 to have 128GB storage?
The company has already expanded the storage of the iPad to offer a 128GB option, so it's certainly possible that Apple will choose to do the same with the iPhone this year.
According to Chinese Apple blog, Apple will be releasing a 128GB 5.5in iPhone 6, but the rumoured 4.7in option will not have the larger capacity.
The Tencent site which offered the 19 September launch date said that Apple will launch the 4.7in iPhone 6 in 32- and 64GB variants.

iPhone 6 rumours: Heart rate & Lightning EarPods

Instead of sticking a heart rate monitor on the back of the phone like the Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple is rumoured to be integrating the technology into its EarPod headphone. According, they will also measure blood pressure and iBeacons to avoid losing them.
"Apple's new EarPods will have sensors in them, for heart rate & blood pressure. Also iBeacons so they don't get lost. They will require the lightning port, it's why the audio jack was moved to the bottom," says the site.
The iPhone 6 could be thinner than the iPhone 5s thanks to the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack, too, according to speculation that sparked from Apple's announcement of a Lightning-enabled headphone standard.
During WWDC 2014, Apple revealed a new program that allows third-party manufacturers to make headphones that connect to iOS devices via the Lightning port. This could potentially lead to the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is the thickest component in the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 6 rumours: Expandable storage

This is a contentious issue, because Apple have both a very successful pricing structure based on storage options and also an ever developing iCloud. But expandable storage is still the most popular way and unrestricting way that the majority of people would chose to expand the storage capabilities of their smartphones. An iSD card and slot would be a great way for Apple to tackle this current flaw of the iPhone. It almost definitely won't happen though.

iPhone 6 rumours: Wireless Charging

This is almost too Apple, it's almost shocking it hasn't been included yet. Apple's big rival, Samsung, already has the feature and other smartphones are sure to catch up soon also. Will Apple introduce wireless charging with the iPhone 6? Maybe, but there's no real evidence to back this up yet.

iPhone 6 rumours: Flexible screen

A flexible screen, that's crazy talk! Apparently not. Those chaps over at Samsung are already making noises suggesting that there will be a smartphone with a flexible smartphone coming out in 2014. If it's a hit, then it won't be long till Apple joins the party. God knows enough people have smashed their existing iPhone screens.

iPhone 6 rumours: Leaked images

One thing we're certainly not short of is iPhone 6 leaked images. In addition to lots of concept images that have been created by talented designers, some of which you'll have already seen in this article, there have also been photographs of alleged iPhone 6 parts that have come straight from sources on Apple's supply chain.
Many of the leaked parts match up, which makes it likely that they closely represent what the iPhone 6 will look like when it arrives. Below, you'll find an iPhone 6 hands-on video using an iPhone 6 mock-up based on dummy models of the device that allegedly emerged from Apple's supply chain. While the maker of this video is not trying to pretend that this iPhone is the real thing, we think it is a very convincing mockup and could well look very similar to the iPhone 6 that Apple releases this year.
This photo (below) comparing the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the iPhone 6 uses what's been described as an 'iPhone 6 final mockup' to show how the two rival smartphones might look beside eachother. It comes from Italian Apple blog, and shows that Apple's iPhone 6 may be much closer in size to Samsung's flagship.
iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Other iPhone 6 dummy models that have emerged are also pretty convincing, including the three shown below from 9To5Mac.
iPhone 6 dummy models
Another one from 9To5Mac is a brilliant video showing what iOS might look like on a 4.7in iPhone 6. It's actually a Motorola Moto X, which has a 4.7in display, modified to look like the iPhone dummy models we've seen floating around the web.
Taiwanese singer, actor and race car driver Jimmy Lin has posted a picture of himself with what he claims is an iPhone 6 on Weibo, and a second picture (below) showing an iPhone 5S beside this alleged iPhone 6.
Last year, Lin posted a similar photograph showing an iPhone 5C, which ended up being pretty accurate, so this could be the real deal. It could just as easily be fake, though, as it wouldn't be particularly difficult to mock up an iPhone 6 based on the leaked dummy models we've seen floating around the web.
iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s

We are particularly intrigued by this photograph of two iPhone 6 mockups, which comes from notorious Apple leaks provider Sonny Dickson on Twitter.
iPhone 6 back
The devices pictured are not the actual iPhone 6, but dummy models that may have been created by case-makers preparing for the launch of the new iPhone. Nonetheless, they could provide a first-look and comparison of the size and shape of two iPhone 6 models expected (4.7in and 5.5in models).
For even more iPhone 6 pictures, check out this slideshow on our sister site Macworld UK to see more iPhone 6 leaked images.
We also rather like this comparison between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S, which uses an interactive 3D render to show what the iPhone 6 might look like.


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