Thursday, 18 September 2014

Apple's new iOS 8 is now available

The iPhone 6 might still be locked up, but its new OS has well and truly debuted...
Apple's shiny new mobile operating system - iOS 8 - has gone live and is ready to download and install on iDevices everywhere.
The new UI is built for Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and, in typical Apple fashion, has landed just before the actual device launch.
There's a whole raft of new features shipping with the latest OS, with the file size weighing in at around 1.1GB.
As an aside, iPhone users will need at least 5.7GB of storage free on their devices to update over WiFi. Not cool.
First up in the addition smorgasbord is the photo improvements. The new OS brings time-lapse video recording, front-camera burst mode, smart album directories, more editing tools, and search functionality for your library.
iOS 8 also brings a quick-type keyboard, which should personalise itself to your writing style by offering smart predictive text.
There's also Health, which offers up plenty of fitness data, the ability to add a 'Medical ID' for allergies and medical conditions, and ways to share all of your health data.
The new Family Sharing will allow you to push love to your household, giving iOS 8 users the option to share iTunes (that's apps, too) and iBooks purchases with up to six of your kin.
There's plenty of other goodies too, including improvements to Siri, Safari, Maps, Mail, and the App Store, as well as the usual bug fixes you'd expect.
It's worth mentioning that the new OS is assuredly demanding on your system, and so you might find your phone running slower than usual if you're using an old model like the iPhone 4S.
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