Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Anonymous Hacking Group Hacks U.S. Army & Multiple U.S. Government Agencies!

Anonymous, a hacking group which has spread like wildfire, has hacked multiple United States government organizations according to a latest leaked report from Federal bureau of Investigation (FBI). Renownedmedia outlet  – Reuters, managed to get their hands on this leaked report which warns agencies about serious consequences regarding the breach of their data. So how did Anonymous hack so many government agencies? Well details below.

Anonymous Hacking Group

The FBI has warned this week that they have found out about multiple breaches in government agencies. Anonymous hacking group is believed to be the team behind this multiple hacking.
The hacking started last year when Anonymous group discovered a flaw in Adobe’s software. They breached into the software and left “back-doors” in it, which they could later come and access information.
The hacking which started last year December is believed to affect U.S. Army, Department of Energy, Department of Health and  Human Services, and many more. Although the exact number of the organizations hacked still remain unknown.
Anonymous hacking
FBI has sent out a memo to system administrators of many agencies regarding this hacking. They have been informed to check their systems, if they have been compromised or not.
An internal email from Energy Secretary revealed the following numbers regarding the hacking of Department of Energy:
  • 104,000 employees, contractors, and family members personal data stolen during the period of the hacking.
  • 20,000 bank accounts information stolen.
These numbers only represent the stolen data from the Department of Energy alone! So you can imagine the total number of people affected by this hacking from the Anonymous hacking group.
AntiSec FBI hack
It is still unknown what kind of information was stolen from the United States army, although it is believed that no sensitive information had been stolen. But it is still unclear.
Anonymous has hacked many organisations in the past, but this is by far one of the largest!
(Via Reuters)
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