Thursday, 25 September 2014

Samsung's relaxing on mobile to focus elsewhere

Samsung is reducing efforts in its mobile division, with the Korean tech firm reportedly shifting a large number of software engineers to work on other projects.
The WSJ says around 500 software engineers will be leaving the 'mobile unit', to work on 'consumer eletronics, TVs, network, printer, and its corporate software R&D divisions.'
The change-up could signal that Samsung's content with its current mobile software, and wants to bring other parts of the company up to par.
Samsung's smartphones and tablets are some of the firm's most popular products, and take up prime position in the eyes of many consumers.
It's worth noting though that Samsung's TouchWiz Android skin is often slammed for poor design. Tizen OS is also fairly unpopular. Both are products of the software engineer workforce.
Samsung spoke to the WSJ regarding the move, with the firm suggesting its transfers were intended 'to further strengthen the company's overall software prowess.'
It's important to remember that we're not actually sure how many software engineers will be remaining in the mobile divison, although we do know the firm had just north of 40,000 software engineers as of 2013.
Samsung also said it wanted 'to enhance [its] competitive edge in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry and increase synergies for the Tizen platform.'
Smart home platforms are a target for many firms right now, so a focus on the Internot of Things by Samsung is unsurprising.
Earlier today we heard Amazon was working on its own smart home tech, designed to make it easier for customers to make purchases via the retail giant.
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