Thursday, 25 September 2014

Samsung shows off battery-sharing cable for your mobile devices

Samsung's latest tech accessory is the Power Sharing cable, a battery buddy-up system that'll let you drain juice from one device and power up another.
The cable is double-ended with micro-USB connectors, meaning it's good to go with any micro-USB-friendly device.
In terms of Samsung, that means it's good for all the latest category flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Tab S, and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.
"The new Power Sharing cable gives multi-device users a versatile way to charge their devices - it lets users share the power of their Galaxy battery with either thei own devices or a friend's no matter where they are," says the Korean tech firm.
To work the new wares, you'll first need to download Samsung's Power Sharing app from either Samsung Apps or the Google Play Store.
Once that's sorted, you can then select the amount of power you want to shift over, and then plug in both devices. Voila, instant juice.
Sammy also says its cable is teeny enough to 'fit in a pocket and purse'.
The Power Sharing cable ships in two colours, namely black or white, and retails for £15 - although Samsung says it's nearly out of stock, so get your bids in quick if you're keen.
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