Thursday, 20 February 2014

Artemis pCell promises perfect phone signal

Artemis pCell is a new technology that, according to the company, would give 4G smartphones like thei Phone 5s and the Samsung Galaxy S4 a perfect connection, no matter how many people were around you.
Whereas conventional networks rely on large cell towers to broadcast the mobile phone signal, pCell uses numerous smaller pWave transmitters dotted around a location, they then work together to cut through the noise and give each smartphone its own personal cell.
What this means then is that rather than sharing a cell with hundreds, or even thousands of other people your phone would be getting the full signal possible, and along with it, the fastest speed.
The pWave is still in development at the moment but the company's founder and ex-OnLive CEO Steve Perlman has already given a demonstration in New York showing how with the pWave he can stream four 1080p Netflix shows and two 4K trailers all over the same 4G network.
Whilst for the moment this may not be an essential purchase for consumers it certainly seems to solve the common problem of phone signal dropping drastically in crowded areas like stadiums, shopping malls and city centres.

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